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About MetaTowers

Metaverse is a new trend that is storming these days in the blockchain world with its large DApp ecosystem. Its name is a combination of the word ‘Meta’ – meaning Beyond and ‘Verse’ – which stands for Universe.

The Metaverse is a virtual universe, also known as the digital universe, created by the convergence of virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR). With this trend in mind, there are three well-performed Metaverse altcoins that have proven capacity over the past few years which are Axie Infinity (AXS), Decentraland (MANA), and The Sandbox (SAND). Following this trend, MetaTowers is founded with a brand new idea and functions that promise will lead the GameFi industry and be a craze for both investors and gamers.

Metatowers is a metaverse play-to-earn PVP Falcon Battle game. Players can have many financial opportunities through the eye-catching 3D NFT Falcons which have great potential and power.

Following the P2E and PVP model, MetaTowers combines traditional battle games with outpacing NFT games technology. As a falcon trainer, players can have many financial opportunities to earn $METOW tokens through gaming activities, to begin with, breeding, training, racing to receive rewards. Moreover, by renting their own land & falcons or displaying them in the exhibition park, players can generate value and earn more just by some simple clicks.


MetaTowers is a unique Metaverse world featuring different kinds of NFTs. In MetaTowers, claim your own lands as you raise rare Falcon NFTs in the futuristic Dubai. Battle other players and raise to the top, claiming the #1 spot and prestigious title of the King of MetaTowers.

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A new marketplace where users can buy, sell, and trade their lands and falcons.

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Upcoming P2E Game



Countless Falcon for you to own. However, you can only choose a maximum of 5 falcons when participating in battle.




NFT: combat items that you can craft, upgrade, trade weapons.



PvE mode – players are connected to virtual reality technology to fight hidden Bosses.



PvP (player-versus-player) fighting mode to get experience and rank up.




Player-versus-machine mode to gain experience and rank up.



Explore! With each different zone in Towers, you will have to fight different enemies with different difficulty.

The Towernomics


TOTAL SUPPLY – 500,000,000 (500M)

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Buy 6%
Sell 6%

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Meet The Team


The Sky-High CEO

C3PO is the CEO and Founder of MetaTowers. When he’s not in Dubai working on amazing projects, C3PO spends his free time skydiving and playing Playstation.


The Introverted CMO

Who said all marketers have to be outgoing? This CMO has been in the business for over 12 years; however, he prefers to work solo. Lives alone with his 2 cats.

Vivian Skye

The Nebulous Dev

Vivian always dreamed of entering a world away from reality. As a kid, she learned to program her own computer games. As an adult, she’s now making the best Metaverse games there is.


Max Heights

The Daring Artist

Max has a love of architecture and has studied art and engineering for over a decade. His love for buildings and art compels him to make the best artwork possible for MetaTowers.

The Roadmap

  • Q4 2021
  • ♾️ Idea
    ♾️ Game Concept

  • Q1 2022
  • ♾️ Website Debut
    ♾️ Build Community
    ♾️ Audit Processing
    ♾️ Game Trailer
    ♾️ Private Sale
    ♾️ Presale

  • Q2 2022
  • ♾️ NFT Mint
    ♾️ Land Chest Sale
    ♾️ Staking Token
    ♾️ Alpha Game
    ♾️ Play-to-Earn
    ♾️ Falcon Hunt
    ♾️ Staking NFTs
    ♾️ Android – iOS
    ♾️ CEX

  • Q4 2022
  • ♾️ Implement Metaverse
    ♾️ Release Demo Game in Virtual Reality (VR)
    ♾️ Update New Features in Game
    ♾️ CEX Tier 1 listing

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